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Great Start Parent Coalition (GSPC)

The GSPC is a group of parents who get together monthly.  Parents share their successes and struggles and learn how to support each other and provide a Great Start for their kids.

The GSPC shares food, friendship, fun and enjoys guest speakers from many areas, from personal development trainers to legislators. The Parent Coalition adds their voice to those of business leaders and human service professionals, to create  successful Great Start programs and guidelines for young children in St. Joseph County.

The GSPC offers a variety of meeting places and times, in the communities of Sturgis, Three Rivers and Constantine.  Members of the Parent Coalition are men and women from all walks of life, who are committed to becoming advocates for young children here in St. Joseph County.  You, as a parent/guardian, are welcome to attend any Parent Coalition Meetings held in St. Joseph County.

Click here for the Parent Coalition Meeting Schedule

For more information on the Great Start Parent Coalition, click here for the Parent Coalition brochure or contact Anita Lopez Schlabach, 269-467-5404 or

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